Bath and Brush Out

A good bath and thorough brush out not only helps your dog to look great, but they will feel better for it too! Regular grooming helps promote health and well being, getting rid of dead coat and keeping on top of tangles. It is also an opportunity to health check your dog from head to toe, checking for parasites, skin conditions and lumps and bumps that might have sprung up or changed. Bathing can get rid of any nasty bacteria and unpleasant odours, as well as mud! With thick and curly coated breeds, maintaining the coat's condition is essential. Matts can build up quickly, causing stress on the skin, and trapping damp and bacteria against it. With regular, in between Full Groom baths and brushes, knots, matts and dirt build up are kept to a minimum.

Your dog will be bathed with Luxury shampoo that benefits their individual skin/coat requirements, have a nice warm blow dry and be brushed out. Their nails clipped and ears cleaned and plucked if necessary is included. 

Prices are set due to individual needs, and vary due to size of dog, coat condition and behaviour. Please ask for an estimate for your dog. Dogs brought regularly will benefit from price reductions and Loyalty Cards.