Full Groom

A Full Groom includes a bath with specialised doggy shampoo and conditioner, drying, brush and comb out, nails clipped, ears cleaned and plucked if necessary, hygiene areas clipped if necessary, groom to either breed standard or owner's specific instructions. This can be clipping, scissoring, hand stripping or deshedding. If your dog is matted, for its own welfare it may have to be clipped short. I will endeavour to brush out small matts, but if I believe that this will cause discomfort or stress, I will clip beneath the matted areas. If your dog needs to be clipped off, I will discuss this with you first.

Grooming small to medium dogs generally takes about two hours, larger breeds can take longer. It is difficult to give an exact time, as dogs are unpredictable and may need extra breaks, slower grooming, an extra bath, or their behaviour such as biting or leaping about can need extra time and love to help them settle. They will never be caged or left alone. This is a one to one service so no other dogs will be being groomed at the same time. This helps us bond with your pet, and promotes a calm environment.

Prices vary according to breed, size, and the amount of work needed, and will be individually tailored to your dog. The prices below are rough estimates only.

Extra Small Breeds, ie. Chihuahua Jack Russell: From £20


Extra Small, Long Coat, ie Yorkie, Maltese: From £32


Small Breeds: Westie, Cairn, Cavalier: From £36

Small Breeds, Curly Coat, ie Toy Poodle, Bichon: From £40

Medium Breeds, Short Hair: Staffies, French Bulldog: From £28

Medium Breeds: Springer, Cocker, Welsh Terrier: From £38

Medium Breeds, Curly Coat, ie Cockerpoo, Minature Poodle: From £40

Large Breeds, Short Hair, ie Labrador, Rottweiler, Weimeraner: From £38

Large Breeds, Curly, Doubled Coat, or Long Hair: Doodles, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd: From £48

Extra Large Breeds, ie Akita, Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain: From £55

Please get in contact to get an individual price for your dog.