Puppy Grooming

Young puppies may not appear to need grooming in their formative months, but it is a good idea to start around three months, to get your pup acclimatised to the whole grooming process. It's a lot to take in for a little puppy, with the bath, blow drying and meeting brushes and nail clippers for the first time! Not to mention going into a new environment with all its smells and new sounds. We offer free appointments for you and your puppy to come and have a look round, and get them used to the grooming room and us as well! You are welcome to leave your puppy here for an hour or so for them to have a little play and run around the garden. We can introduce them to the grooming equipment without putting them through all that and a groom in their first visit. 

In my experience, many puppies I start with young grow up to enjoy the whole grooming process and look forward to their visits! This is what we always work towards as the happiness and well being of your dog is at the heart of everything we do. A happy dog is a relaxed dog on the table, and if your pup needs breaks, however often, we will let them have a drink, rest, or a run around and toilet break in the garden. Our home environment helps puppies to feel settled and secure, and they won't be caged or left alone. As we also offer day care, they are welcome to stay and have a play afterwards; this really helps to give them a positive association with grooming.

Our puppy grooms involve a pre-groom health check, a shampoo and conditioner if needed, a blow dry and brush out. Ear cleaning and nail clipping are included. Prices are based on the individuals needs, size, coat type and behaviour. Matted puppies will be treated as a Full Groom. As a general rule of thumb, smaller breeds or those with smooth coats will be around £15.00. Medium breeds around £15.00-£25.00. Large breeds or those with heavier coats, from £20.00-£30.00. These prices are given as a guide only and an individually tailored price will be given to you when you come in.